As a natural result of the manufacturing process, products can feature small irregularities and cracks. These are part of the product and were, where appropriate, filled with olive wood paste. Pictures are only examples. Colours can differ from the actual product as digital scanner and screens may not replicate the original colour accurately.

Due to the nature of the olive wood and the manufacturing process each article can differ in form, size and grain.Every article offered is unique so you can be sure that your purchase will be one of a kind.



Heart Shaped Plate
Made From 100% Natural Olive Wood

Measurements: ca. 8 x 7”

It is a hand carved piece of massive olive wood. No chemicals were used in the manufacturing process.
This lovely plate is made from a single piece of solid, durable olive wood.

The cutting surface measures approximately 8 inches in length and 7 inches in width. The solid and dense structure of the olive wood makes it an ideal cutting board. The lovely design makes it also a perfect way to serve breakfast or snacks.


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