Fouta classic, the most popular at the craft market because it is the first authentic Tunisian traditional fouta elegant and fine, which caused the modernization of fouta (colors, design, texture). Presented by two traditional colored bands at the ends.

Your Tunisian crafts expert, Espace de l’Artisanat, offers this classic Fouta at a low price.

The products of Fouta offered in our craft shop are handmade and respecting the Tunisian tradition.

Your Tunisian craft store offers you a wide choice of Fouta products in different colors.




La Fouta, a typically Tunisian piece of fabric and traditionally used for the hammam, is nowadays transformed into a beach towel, sofa throw, tablecloth … according to your desires and your ideas!
– 100% cotton and easy care; it is soft, supple, absorbent and becomes more and more pleasant over washings
– Available in several colors and several dimensions according to your needs


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